Saturday, July 16, 2022

What's Coming Up On Our Journey and Blog


Well…I’ve been reading again
The problem is there is SO MUCH revealing, stimulating, and vital political knowledge to share with everyone. Frankly, I’m a little engulfed by it.

It started with reading portions of The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story, by Nicole Hannah-Jones. 
The push-back from Trump and other right-wing Conservatives included attacks on Critical Race Theory (CRT). Of course, I’m now in the midst of writing a blog about all this.

Then, being saddened by all that, I wanted to write about something inspiring in politics. I began planning for a blog on Democratic President Bill Clinton’s legislative transparency and political skills (excluding sexual judgment errors).
To be bipartisan, however, I needed to also write on the straight-forward, honorable qualities and skills of Republican President Dwight Eisenhower. I found his biography, IKE: An American Hero, such a worthwhile and inspiring book I just had to read the whole thing. He was a noble man and a model of good character.

But in the course of going to the library to check on a reference, I made the mistake of walking past the political science area. Barely looking at the shelves as I walked by, I saw a title on the spine of a book: The Hidden History of the WAR ON VOTING. Of course, I checked it out. It is 176 pages of stunning examples of voter harassment and suppression. 
In this one small book there are at least 20 to 25 stories, which if read by voters, would energize them to vote with a vengeance!

As a result, my mind has been trying to plan three blogs at once. Too much material to process!

There will be three separate blogs, having to do with:
  • The 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory (positives).
  • Bill Clinton and Dwight Eisenhower (very politically skilled politicians who were well-regarded by the public and history).
  • "Voter suppression" [This is usually an accusation of one political party against another. Political parties are competitive; they seek changes in rules which favor them in elections. Imagine that!]
    For references, see the relevant page on the website.
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