Friday, March 31, 2023

Narcissist Donald Trump Indicted For Paying Hush Money to ....



. . . . Stormy Daniels.


But of course, Trump is a man documented as having lied 30,000 times as the former, twice- impeached president. He often defends himself by describing his political failures as "perfect."   But his most frequent and "bigly" self-defense is to explain that any accusations against him are a "hoax." 


Many Congressional republicans defend Trump by claiming the hush money charges are playing politics! Whoa. No. The indictment concerns an alleged CRIMINAL offense. Those republicans also have brashly attacked Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for even investigating Trump over hush money. 


Several republicans showed their ignorance of how the criminal justice system actually works. When Trump prophesied he'd be indicted in the next week, four indignant republicans took to Trump's defense. They are:


    House Speaker Kevin McCarthy


    House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan of Ohio


    House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer of   Kentucky


    House Administration Committee Chairman Bryan Steil of Wisconsin


These four republicans jumped the gun and started calling for an investigation of the Manhattan District Attorney's office ! These guys wanted to haul Bragg into Congress for testimony even before Trump was indicted.  


What's most amazing is that these four men exhibited no awareness of the facts of the case, showed disrespect for the rule of law, and were preemptively interfering in the criminal justice process of the State of New York!  Most legal commentators regard such interference as seriously wrong!.

According to MS-NBC's Rachel Maddow,  "[T]he fact that that three powerful House committee chairs would even raise this as a possibility is stark raving mad."


Maddow goes on to say this shows how far the GOP is willing to go to "shield Trump from the consequences of his actions."

Last night I watched a group of Bulwark experts discuss the Trump indictment. One of them mentioned that of the current handful of Trump indictments, the prosecution's most winnable case is that of the Storm Daniels hush money. 


It's worth remembering that Michael Cohen (Trump's long term attorney "fixer") was convicted in a Trump-related case and served a prison sentence. The Manhattan DA already has much credible testimony.   

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