Saturday, April 29, 2023

Getting A New Blog Ready To Roll Out


I'm two days into learning  the Blogger interface and I am pleasantly surprised at what it offers.

What prompted my creating a new blog was the need for google analytics to function reliably--which it could not do on my old bogging interface.

I have been blogging about citizens coping with the sorry state of politics for the past year and a half. On my other blog I have 37 episodes on a wide range of vital topics of deep interest to average citizens. At any given time, about one third of politicians of both parties are busily pursuing strategies to goals we would not approve of. 

During this time I've been massively upgrading my understanding of American politics; and I'm more committed than ever to blog with the goal of  getting citizen voters more in control of what their politicians are doing.

What I have learned in depth--largely from books by political experts--is the stunning lack of influence of America's voters. Our government, our politicians, and our 168 million registered voters (2020) function more like an ignorant mob on a witch hunt than like average, sensible adults. 

I achieved my modest goals set for my first blog. I have more ambitious goals for this blog--along with the available time and energy to reach them.

--Ronald Massey

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